The 3 Causes of Carpet Odors

carpet odors


Soil, food waste, human wastes, pollen etc. left in carpeting can be a major source of foul odors. Proper maintenance will prevent contaminants from sticking to carpet fibers or carpet backing. The right equipment, such as the Tornado vacuums we use have superior air flow to lift contaminants from carpeting.


Water damage/flooding, high humidity, spills, leaks, faulty HVAC are all issues that can produce excess moisture in carpet, which will begin producing mold in just 2-3 days.

Improper Cleaning Process / Equipment

Carpet acts as a sponge pulling in contaminants. Improper maintenance of vacuums and extractors reduces the amount of odor causing materials that can be removed. Also, using the wrong cleaning solutions or inadequate ventilation can lead to carpet odor.

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